SKYE AND THUMPER


What to expect:


All runs are attached to an outside run. Inside size of the runs is approximately 5 x 6 feet. Outside run size is 5 x 15 feet. These very roomy runs easily accommodate even the largest dog!


In mild weather your dog will be able to go in and out as he/she pleases during the daytime, as the doors to the outside runs are kept open.  Doors are shut down at night.


The building is very warm and snug in the winter.  Obviously the doors to the outside runs and kept shut, but are opened periodically throughout the day for the dogs to go outside.  They are let out at night between 10 and 11 for the last call before tuck-in!


During very hot summer weather the building is air conditioned and run doors kept shut, so the in/out schedule is the same as winter.


Your pet’s area will be cleaned with soap, water and mild bleach each day, while he/she is outside.  The entire kennel floor is washed each day.  Each area is given a thorough wash-down after each dog checks out.  We like to keep our kennel smelling fresh and clean. Very rarely during pick-up, dogs have been known to urinate upon hearing their owner’s voice.  This in no way means that your pet was kept in this manner during your absence! 


Pick-up and Drop-off time


Please leash your pet when arriving and leaving.  Crooked Creek Kennel is located on a 40 acre farm and a dog could easily be distracted by the sights and sounds and decide to go exploring without you!


Please keep children close at hand or in your vehicle.


Call us to let us know if your pick-up time changes and we can arrange to keep your dog for a longer stay.